The 9th European Lotteries Congress – Day Theme: Action

Jun 8, 2017

An inspiring speech that Agata Grabowska, PhD, delivered on social trends, panel discussion on illegal lotteries and gambling services, presentation on the future of payment methods in the lottery industry and a speech on customer expectations, as well as the official summary of the 4 days of the Congress by the President of the European Lotteries Association Mr Hansjörg Höltkemeier filled the last day of the 9th European Lotteries Congress.

The last of the speakers to deliver a speech during the Congress was Agata Grabowska, PhD, whose presentation entitled “The Thrill of Transgression” included some valuable sources of inspiration and tips for the Congress participants. Ms Grabowska focused on the results of research on social trends that can be used by the lottery sector for the purposes of creating and developing its products and services.

Another hot topic covered during the Congress was the subject of illegal services described in the speech entitled “Battling Against the Illegals – a strategic Approach.” The panel discussion moderated by Mr Philippe Vlaemminck, Pharumlegal partner, Belgium, featured Mrs Caroline Larlus, Head of Department, Arjel, France, and Mr Robert Chvátal, CEO, Sazka, Czech Republic.

Two final presentations: “The Future of payments in the Lottery World” given by Mr Bogusław Kułakowski, e-payment expert, Poland, and “Consumer expectations… 2020” presented by Mr Peter Zäll, Managing Director, Z-INSPIRED AB, Sweden, provided a solid closing for all topics covered during the Congress, including the sources of inspiration, visions and the discussed mission of the industry.

Finally, the floor was taken by the President of the European Lotteries Association Mr Hansjörg Höltkemeier who thanked everyone for their participation, and experts – for inspirational stories. Lastly, he invited everyone present at the 9th European Lotteries Congress to join the meeting of representatives of the lottery sector organized by SAZKA a.s. in June 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.